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Only the GOOD news ...

MARCH 31, 2012

Dear friends! Thank you so much for coming and being part of our HAPPY SPRING PARTY-CONCERT! All of us Bulgarians, Americans, Russians, Macedonians, Serbs, Greeks and more … gathered together to dance, to meet new people and simply enjoy life! The charming Bulgarian folk singer Maria Koleva was the jewel of the evening. With her beautiful voice, smile and folklore songs she brought joy and harmony to the evening. I was so happy to see that almost everyone danced the “most sociable” Bulgarian and Balkan dances “horo”! It was such a fun! Thank you DJ Radi for heating the evening with euro hits too. Thank you to Sabur Restaurant team for being so kind host!

SEE PHOTOS from the event here:

SEE VIDEO from the event here:

Maria Koleva was born in 1982 in Karlovo in the Rose Valley in her native Bulgaria. She started singing at the age of 10 and has always been closely related to the music and folk traditions of her region and country. Her first stage appearance took place in 1993 at the rose festival in Karlovo. While studying at the prestigious Shiroka Luka School of music, she received honors and musical awards including top prizes at the teen folk music festival at Albena, as well as recognition at the Chirpan and Plovid music festivals. She has recorded two albums with Balkan Voices Ensemble (1998, 1999). Maria Koleva moved to the USA at the age of 16 and has toured the USA and Canada twice, performing extensively at festivals, concerts and summer workshops. In 2005 Maria Koleva recorded her debut solo album “Ot Izovra” with Ensemble Trakia and Rodopi Band. In the same year she joined Ivan Milev Band, and was featured in the recording of the “The flight of Krali Marko “album (2007). In 2009 Maria joined Bulgarika Band where she performed at the World Folk Festival in Maine. In the spring of 2009 Maria recorded three of her songs for the Bulgarian National Radio in Sofia with the Bulgarian National Radio Ensemble with composer and conductor Georgi Andreev. She currently resides in New York City performing with Bulgarika Band and working on new projects with music producer Radi Georgiev. Maria Koleva has been recognized for her highly expressive singing and truly melodic and rich tone. Although she sings the traditional music of many Bulgarian regions, she is most celebrated for her stunning performance of Thracian songs.

Hope to see you soon :)

Violeta Jeliazkova,
producer of the event and
director of the Bulgarian-American Center Madara


 Our friends  

Todor Ialamov

Vasil Nenkov

David Flashenberg