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Български текст

Bulgarian Center “Madara” participated at the annual Festival de la Francophonie in Boston
March 14, 2015

We would like to thank you our friend and member, Nelly Tonchev, for presenting Bulgarian Center “Madara” at the annual Festival de la Francophonie .(http://centermadara.com/events/2015/french/french.html)
Bulgaria has been a member of the Union of Francophones since 1991.

Nelly presented different facts about our country and also familiarized visitors with different traditions and folk rituals.

Visitors had the opportunity to participate in making traditional Bulgarian "martenitsa" and learn more about this unique spring ritual.


In 2014 Nelly Tonchev and American writer Rebecca Carter published their debut novel "Mystical Emona." It is a trilogy, a story of love between a “Samodiva” and a mortal that has survived for centuries, a trip into the past and present. The novel takes you on a magical trip to Emona, where you will learn about legends and myths, and explore Bulgarian culture closer. The book is full of Bulgarian traditions and rituals and introduces the reader to the beauty of Bulgarian life, spirituality, and mystical fairies.

Nelly and Rebecca (aka Ronesa Aveela) will soon release a second book entitled "Light Love Rituals" that will help readers learn about the main Bulgarian traditions and beliefs. They will present it on the Annual Celebration "The Magic of Bulgaria" on May 3, 2015 >>


The title of the book "Light Love Rituals" is not accidental.

Light: One of the main characters in rituals and folklore is the sun. Ancient rituals focused on the seasons and life cycles. Each year, the sun, a symbol of life, died and was born again. Light and warmth of nature awakens in the spring to start a new cycle.

Love: Like the sun, love is essential to the cycle of nature. Love is an important aspect of human life. In ancient times, and today, rituals honor fertility, birth, marriage, death, and immortality through rebirth. In Bulgarian traditions, commemoration of the dead is especially important today. Also, many of these rituals are performed specifically to protect the family from the malevolent spirits and creatures that walk between the kingdom of heaven, earth, and the underworld. But rituals are not only for protection, wishes for health and wealth are another reason.

Rituals: Everyone has included some kind of ritual in their lifestyle. They are the occasion for families to gather around the table and share delicious meals, family memories, love, and traditions. Rituals connect the past with the present and help us to understand our future.

"Light Love Rituals" describes many Bulgarian rituals that have survived for centuries. They are passed down from generation to generation and still practiced in different parts of Bulgaria in one form or another.

The book is divided into four seasons and begins with winter. Each section ends with a small quiz. Our idea is not only to describe the rituals, but also to make the book interesting for all ages. We have included a few activities: how to make “martenitsa,” “survachki,” and Easter eggs with natural dyes.

To help readers engage in these traditions, in the book you will learn about Maria, a character from “Mystical Emona: Soul’s Journey,” her family and their favorite dog, Balkan. She and her family will open the doors of their home so you can participants in these holidays with them.

Although the book has a lot of facts, the result of the authors’ research, it is not a scientific work. During the writing of the book, Rebecca learned a lot about Bulgarian lifestyle and the hospitality of Bulgarians.

In the last section of the book, the authors have included twelve traditional recipes under the title "Maria’s Kitchen." It was difficult to decide what to include since Bulgarian cuisine is as rich as the souls of Bulgarians themselves.

Although much of the content is common knowledge among those who practice these beliefs, even they will be able to discover something new, something they can pass on to future generations to keep the traditions alive. For those who are interested in Bulgaria, the book will help them to discover the hidden beauty and magic and spirituality of the Bulgarians.

You can buy the book “Mystical Emona: Soul’s Journey,” from:

More information you can read on:

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