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Bulgarian American Cultural Center MADARA,
The center for arts at the Armory and
Ani Googova

CONCERT - PARTY to celebrate
BACC MADARA 15th Anniversary with

the internationally renowned audio-visual art project

/world-renowned kaval virtuoso, trumpet & voice;
UNESCO Artist for Peace, 2015/

/electronic music, programming and mixing. He is currently one of the hottest DJs on the electronic music scene in Europe/
/video art arrangements and concept,
groundbreaking artist and producer of unusual talent/

"Balkansky is an exceptionally original, even groundbreaking project spearheaded by three equally exceptionally, original, and groundbreaking artists of unusual talent and international renown."
Donna A. Buchanan, Associate Professor, Chair Musicology Division, University of Illinois

Welcome to a joyous evening of unique live improvisation mix of traditional Bulgarian & Balkan music, contemporary electronic music, jazz and visual art. It will take you to another dimension of your senses. The one and only of this kind in the world!

SATURDAY, NOV 21, 2015
doors open at 6:00 PM,
performance starts 7:00 PM

(vocal - jazz)
(vocal - jazz, Balkan folkore songs)
PLETENITSA (Balkan folkore songs)
(Bulgarian folk dance teacher)

Place: Arts at the Armory, Performing hall,
191 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA Map>> 


We will start with Pletenitsa &Jasna Duran band performance, followed by the Balkansky set, Elena Koleva songs, second Balkansky set and we will continue dancing with HORO - Bulgarian folk dance party and workshop, led by the dance teacher Peter Petrov!

Welcome to share the joy with us and our wonderful guests!
Life is beautiful, let's celebrate it together :)

For more information:
info@centermadara.org, 617-800-9720

BACC Madara supports the initiative to purchase of Bulgarian center in Boston area: bulgariancenter.org

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coordinator Ani Gogova, www.balkansky.bg

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Posted by ÁALKANSKY - North American Tour 2015 on Wednesday, November 11, 2015


ÁALKANSKY is an audio-visual art project that combines traditional Bulgarian music with electronic sound and vision. It is realized in collaboration between Ivo "Kuker" Christov and Ivan Shopov. Later on the musical legend Theodosii Spassov joined the project and nowadays, all three of them present the project live all around the world. When the project is presented as a live act it includes music performed by Theodosii Spassov, mixed with electronic sounds and beats by Ivan Shopov and interactive visuals from Ivo Christov.

Three years after their debut album "Kuker" and its huge success, ÁALKANSKY present their new album “ORENDA" (2012), featuring the guest musicians Yanka Rupkina (Vocal), Haig Yazdjian (Oud, Vocal), Ivan Georgiev (Kaba Bagpipe) and Milen Kirov (Piano).


THEODOSII SPASSOV / kaval, trumpet & voice

IVAN SHOPOV / programming and mixing

IVO CHRISTOV / arrangements and concept



THEODOSII SPASSOV,  kaval, voice

UNESCO Artist for Peace, 2015

Theodosii Spassov is officially designated Artist for Peace in recognition of his “talent, his innovation in creating a unique music style and his virtuoso performance, his commitment to raise public awareness about music as a force to enhance dialogue among people, cultures and communities, as well as his profound commitment to the ideals and aims of the Organization”. More info >>

"He actually created a new musical genre."

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: "....like a jam session between Ian Anderson and Thelonius Monk."

BERLINER MORGENPOST: "What he manages to produce on his wooden flute is sensational."

HOWARD ROVICS: "His work on the Kaval was nothing short of pure genius."

CHRIS NICKSON: "....Spassov sounds like the late flutist and saxophonist Rahsaan Roland Kirk Except Spassov plays a simple, rural shepherd's flute."

Theodosii Spassov began his early training on the kaval at the Kotel Music School and The Academy of Music and Dance in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The kaval, an eight-hole wooden “shepherd” flute, is one of the oldest instruments in Europe, rich in tone and technical possibilities.  Theodosii Spassov has developed his own unique style of playing the instrument by synthesizing traditional folklore with jazz, fusion and classical music.

For over 20 years, Theodosii has toured all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Canada, and the United States.  In 1994, he performed with Sofia Women’s Radio Choir, which was awarded with a Grammy award for “Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares”.  In April 1995, “Newsweek” magazine recognized Theodosii Spassov as one of the most talented Eastern-European musicians in its “best of the East” article, noting that “Spassov… is not merely surviving the post-communist cultural wasteland. He has actually invented a new musical genre.”

Theodosii Spassov has contributed to 20 CDs, four of his own, which have been noted worldwide.  He has composed and performed numerous film scores including the French-Bulgarian feature film Granitza (The Border), 1993.  He has also recorded themes for films by Italian composers Carlos Siliotto and Ennio Morricone, An Italian Story and The Breakout of the Innocent. At the fourth European Jazz Night, Theodosii Spassov was a featured performer along with other jazz musicians, including Winton Marsalis.

At home, in Bulgaria, Theodosii Spassov is a national figure and musical hero.  He was most recently awarded The Golden Age Medal, the highest recognition of Bulgaria's Ministry of Culture, and has been honored twice with the Music Artist of the Year award (1997, 2002). Spassov is the Artistic Director of the world-renown Philip Koutev Ensemble Of Music, Drama and Dance.  He is a soloist of Bulgarian National Radio.

Theodosii Spassov was a member of the Irish music and dance company Riverdance, 1998-2001.  He is the recipient of The International Academy of Arts in Paris Award (1996), among other international awards. 
Read MORE here >>

VIDEOS - THEODOSII SPASSOV - concerts around the world



Theodosii Spassov-Kaval improvisation - MADARA-BULGARIA

Prolific composer Ivan Shopov is known under a plethora of aliases – BALKANSKY is his dubstep and intelligent dance music moniker, and arguably his most well-circulated. Appearing on Z Audio, Wicky Lindows, Dubsaw, Ad Noiseam, Dub Monkey, Kuker, Hollow Point, Subtrakt and Scum, his discography has been growing weekly in the past years. Ivan is known for his love of nature and mountains – taking the root for this alias from the Balkan Mountain chain from where he grew up in Bulgaria.

His first album under the name was 2009 “KUKER” – mixing electronic music with Bulgarian folk music and traditional, alongside ethno-music legend Theodosii Spassov. He took this album out on the road in Europe live, alongside Spassov and Kuker Music art director Ivo Christov, to much acclaim and success. In 2012 Balkansky released their second album “ORENDA” adopting for the title the ancient word for the energy which the old Bulgarians believed was inherent in people and nature alike. 

Ivan Shopov’s release for global powerhouse Ohm Resistance - “The Temple” - is a more electronica-oriented work, without losing the wide spectrum of instrumentation that defines Balkansky. Collaborations with Scorn, Enduser, Loop Stepwalker, and others appear throughout the album – while never ceasing to retain the high level of production that is a hallmark of his sound. The flow is logical and pleasing from front to back – tracks in clusters representing Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit demonstrate the level of focus achieved in “The Temple”.

Performing regularly every weekend in Europe, at festivals and clubs alike, Ivan Shopov is one of the hottest commodities currently on the electronic music scene. He has performed so far in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Columbia, France, Denmark, Swiss, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Poland, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Austria, Serbia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Romania, just to name a few– and the entire world is most interested in seeing what this talented young producer creates next.

Known also under the alias Cooh, Ivan is now releasing for some of the well-known and most respected drum and bass labels: Position Chrome, PRSPCT, Subsistenz, LB, Obscene, Freak, Sinuous, Obsessions, Bass Rejects and more. His energetic author tracks are often played by leading artists in the genre such as The Panacea, Dylan, Limewax, Current Value, Ed Rush&Optical, Gain, Audio, BSE, Tech itch, Future Prophecies, Evol Intent, Counterstrike, Vengeanze, Proket, The Sect, Infiltrata, EBK, etc.
He has also colaborated with loads of producers too, like The Panacea, Counterstrike, Machine Code, Limewax, Current Value, Ogonek, Dean Rodell, The Outside Agency and many more. Upcoming releases include EP's on Position Chrome, Habit, Ohm Resistance and Prospect.

Ivo Christov is a prominent Bulgarian graphic designer, music producer, and photographer. As a graphic designer of musical products Ivo has created the art work for over 200 CD covers since 1989. Praised for his creative approach, he is a sought-after collaborator on the new releases by famous Bulgarian and foreign musicians and bands. Among the artists whose albums were designed by Ivo are international stars Theodosii Spasov, Milcho Leviev, and Ivo Papazov, as well as Bulgarian top musicians Lili Ivanova, Kamelia Todorova, Stoyan Yankoulov and Eliza Todorova, Kiril Marichkov, Georgi Hristov, to name a few.

His photographs often appear on album covers and have been features in exhibitions, most notably in his 2009 “Kukeri—People Bells” show.

In 1999 Ivo Hristov founded Kuker Music, an independent Bulgarian record label and music publishing house. For more than 10 years Kuker Music has released albums of the most prominent artists in contemporary Bulgarian music history - Theodosii Spassov, Antoni Donchev, Eva Quartet among many others. Projects produced by Kuker Music have been praised by critics and audiences alike. Most notably, in 2005 the album "Fairground" by Ivo Papasov, a production of Kuker Music, won the Audience Award at the traditional BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music competing with albums by Gotam Project, Ojos de Brujo and the likes.

One of Ivo’s most popular creations is the audio-visual art project Balkansky which combines traditional Bulgarian music with electronic sound and vision. When the project is presented as a live act it includes music performed by folk legend Theodosii Spassov, mixed with electronic sounds and beats by young phenomena Ivan Shopov, and interactive visuals by Ivo Christov. In addition to their extensive touring in the past few years, Balkansky has released two albums, Kuker in 2009 and Orenda in 2012 as well as Remixes and Reconstructions project in 2010. Enthusiastically received everywhere they perform, Balkansky trio creates a bridge between the tradition and modernity in Bulgarian music.

In addition to his work as a visual artist and producer, Ivo is the creator and host of world music radio shows Tropicalissimo on RFI and The Hour of Dilema Studio on Darik Radio. Ivo is currently living in Sofia, Bulgaria where he draws inspiration for his art from the culture of his ancient city.

ELENA KOLEVA (www.elenakoleva.com)
Elena Koleva has been a jazz singer & vocal teacher since the early 90's when she started her professional career as a performing musician. She has performed as a soloist of the National Radio Big Band, Sofia, Bulgaria, Acoustic Version trio and has collaborated with artists such as Milcho Leviev, Liudmil Georgiev, Rumen Toskiv, Antony Doncgev, Hristo Yotsov, Stoyan Yankulov as well as her American colleagues Jerry Bergonzi, Bob Moses, Bruce Gertz, Gene Perla, Mike Tucker, Plamen Karadonev and many others.

She has also participated in established jazz festivals, TV shows and theater performances in Europe and the United States. Locally, Elena has performed at venues such as the Berklee Performance Center, Jordan Hall, Ryles Jazz Club, Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, The Lily Pad, Beehive, Les Zygomates and many others. Elena has released two solo albums with the Acoustic Version Trio-"Round Midnight"- (1995) and "Invisible Touch"- (1998) and has recently recorded a new album with her Bostonian quartet "Fifth Season".

Elena has been working as a solo vocaliat and co-arranger in a number of projects including Plamen Karadonev’s debut album "Crossing Lines” (2008) and The Contemporary Piano Accordion Project (2012) as well as her newest album " Beyond Hope" ( 2014). Her deep and velvety voice, in combination with an exotic stage appearance, have made her a highly desirable and appreciated performer on the jazz scene in Boston. Elena has studied with outstanding musicians such as Jerry Bergonzi, Bob Moses, Charlie Benacos, George Garzone, Dominique Eade and Ken Schaphorst.

Elena Koleva is the first Bilgarian jazz vocalist who has graduated from the prestigious New England Conservatory and also the first Bulgarian singer who has taught at the internationally distinguished Summer program Five-Week at Berklee College of Music, Boston


Jasna Duran - voice, Andrea Charls – voice, Parham Haghighi - voice,  
Tania Mesa - violin, voice, lauato Gretchen Shadebroth - piano and voice, Vasilis Kostas – guitar, Negah Santos -  percussion

Jasna Duran is a Serbian born Boston based vocalist, composer, arranger and ethnomusicologist. With the focus of bringing together traditions of East and West, her work includes scoring for documentaries, directing vocal ensembles and working with various organizations such as UNESCO in raising awareness and keeping these traditions alive.

During her studies at Berklee College of Music, Jasna teamed up with singers and instrumentalist from different countries and musical backgrounds for the purpose of sharing and performing arrangements of Balkan music, as well as notating different ways of teaching these vocal styles. Photo by-Dijana-Tolicki

A native of Bulgaria, Peter is an accomplished choreographer, dance teacher and performer. Founder of dance group Ludo Mlado in 2002 (www.ludomlado.com), his goal is to make Bulgarian folk dance and music accessible to a wider audience. Prior to his departure for the US, Peter was dancing professionally with “Rodopa” State Folk Dance Ensemble. Since the age of seven he has danced with numerous school ensembles many of which won outstanding awards in city-wide and national-international competitions.
Since arriving in USA in 1993, Peter has taught many classes and workshops throughout the United States. His first major appearance as a choreographer and dancer in USA was in 1994 during the opening ceremony of soccer's World Cup with Chicago.

Fom Berklee College of Music

directed by Christiane Karam
The Pletenitsa Balkan Choir (Áàëêàíñêè õîð Ïëåòåíèöà) was founded by Christiane Karam in 2011, as a means to explore the choral traditions and folk music adaptations of the Balkans, the Middle East, the Caucasus, and parts of the Mediterranean. It is primarily a women's chorus with some arrangements that incorporate male singers as well. It includes and welcomes singers from all over the world, and serves as a platform for cultural exchange, and an opportunity to come together and celebrate the beauty and spirit that connects us all. The Pletenitsa choir has performed to rave reviews in Boston and NY and has shared the stage with the likes of Zulal, Juliana Svetlichnya, Mario Frangoulis, José Mercé, Javier Limon and Binka Dobreva.

"Theodosi is such a virtuoso on the kaval and the songs played almost like Bulgarian "jazz".  The songs were beautiful and the kopanicas were played with such lightening speed by the group- it was just astonishing!" - Joan, LA

See tour photos, videos and more here:


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Todor Ialamov

Vasil Nenkov

David Flashenberg